Located in the island garden city of Samal, the Bali Bali resort is an ideal place for your family vacation. With breathtaking beachfront views and a full-day breakfast, guests can unwind after a day filled with activity. The hotel offers many activities for families, including diving, snorkeling, and water sports. Guests can even enjoy a Balinese massage while relaxing in the resort's spa. This luxury resort is the perfect place for the entire family, especially for the little ones. The Perfect Place For Your Family Vacation Guests are welcomed with a warm welcome at each of the Bali resorts. The staff members are friendly and dedicated to offering the best possible services. Most of the hotels offer a variety of accommodation styles and room types, and offer amenities such as spa centers and fitness facilities. The prices are also affordable, with most resorts offering free Wi-Fi and full-day breakfasts. The hotel also offers various packages for families with kids and offers activities such as karaoke, water sports, and beach volleyball. The room is large, comfortable, and equipped with amenities such as a television with LCD/plasma screen. It also has a closet and air conditioning. The staff are friendly and ready to answer any questions or provide assistance. The rooms are equipped with a wide range of facilities, including a gym and sauna. In addition to the great location, the Bali Beach Resort also has an array of recreational activities. Some rooms have additional beds, but this depends on the room type.