Computer technicians are responsible for repairing computers, laptops and other technology devices. They also provide technical support for customers through phone, email and live chat. They may work for a large computer repair company, or they may be self-employed and perform repairs on their own or for other businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs for this field are projected to grow by 11 percent in the next decade. How can I be a good technician? Some of the most important skills for a computer technician include problem-solving, mechanical skills and communication skills. They often use their mechanical skills to disassemble computers, and then they reassemble them using various hand tools. They must communicate with clients through phone, email or live chat, and they must be able to explain complex technology in a simple way. My steam had a bandwidth limit set - somehow? Fixed it by removing the limit - all working! One of the best ways for aspiring computer technicians to gain experience is to build their own computers from scratch. This process teaches them about how each component works and what issues each part may have. It can also save them money, as they'll be able to purchase a computer built exactly to their needs for less than it would cost for a similar pre-built machine in a store. In order to become a computer technician, it is possible to earn a certificate or a bachelor's degree in information technology (IT). IT programs typically offer hands-on training and skills-based instruction, as well as industry certification preparation. This can help a candidate get a job and start earning money quickly.

A threat intelligence feed can be an invaluable tool for cybersecurity professionals. It can provide up-to-date information on cyber threats to your organisation, allowing you to take a proactive posture towards protecting your data and assets. These feeds are available for free, so there is no reason why you should not take advantage of them. What is an open source threat intelligence feeds? However, some CTI feeds tend to be biased toward a certain nation or region. For instance, a threat actor sitting in Latin America may be targeting a Singapore-based company via Europe or North America. Often, this type of feed reports too many threats from a single nation and fails to include enough global threats. Threat feeds typically include data on the latest malware and other malicious activity. They also include details on how cybercriminals are leveraging network infrastructure to spread malware. The information is derived from various sources, including cross-industry statistics and incident and attack reports. They can also provide information on how organizations can patch vulnerable systems and update their security merchandise to keep themselves safe. Threat intelligence feeds can be used to build threat models. The community-driven feeds are available for free. Their main purpose is to incorporate global knowledge into threat modeling. They help identify patterns and visualize the threat landscape.

Hiring IT support Chicago | XL experts is not an easy process. Hiring the wrong managed IT services provider can cause your business to suffer downtime and monetary loss. To make the process easier, Local IT Companies match clients with dependable consultants in the area. Services from Local IT Companies range from helping you manage small to midsize businesses with IT needs, to cyber security for healthcare facilities. The following are some common IT support Chicago issues that local businesses face.  How XL Can Help Data loss can put your business operations to a standstill and seriously impact productivity. With Chicago IT support, XL can create a customized disaster recovery plan and data backup plans. You can also work with elite IT security experts through managed helpdesk services. XL's certified security team can offer enterprise-level security for your business. And, since we understand the importance of security, we'll provide you with proactive IT support that addresses the most pressing needs of your company.