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For a unique, eye-catching necklace, choose a silver Cuban link chain | Statement Collective. A Cuban link chain has many different links that are connected in the middle. This is how the chains get their name. They can be made from gold or silver, but you can also find them in other precious metals. The most popular of these is sterling silver. The price of these chains is usually around $80. However, if you are looking to spend less, a bronze link chain is a great choice.

The Choose A Silver Cuban Link Chain For A Unique, Eye-catching Necklace That Wins Customers

The most popular choice is a sterling silver Cuban link chain. This type of necklace is a great choice for women and men. The chain is made from 99.9% pure 925 silver, which ensures its quality and durability. It is also affordable compared to other types of jewellery. There are several types of Cuban link chains, including the classic round or square style. However, a gold chain will last you a lifetime, so a gold chain may be a good option for you as well.

The Timeless Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain is made from four-mm-thick 18K-rose gold links. It measures seven or eight inches long, and weighs approximately 342.0 grams. A gold chain of this size will cost about $550, and will come with a matching necklace. You can also buy a silver Cuban link chain if you’d prefer a heavier metal. If you’re a woman, you might want to get a smaller, longer chain.

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