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The CBDDY – cookie battery is a great device for vaping Delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids. It’s available in both disposable and rechargeable varieties, and it’s a popular choice for people who want to enjoy their favorite strains without the hassle of changing out a cartridge every so often.

How do I charge my Cookie Pen?

The Cookies 510 Plus Vape Cart Battery is a pocket-sized and room-filling vape that is button activated, USB-C fast charging, and ready to use whenever you are. It has 900mAh of power and 5 temperature settings for precise flavor control.

Aside from the cartridge, the Cookie vaporizer is also equipped with an anti-short-circuit and over-charge protection system. This ensures that you get the best experience possible from your weed pen.

The first step is to make sure that the pen’s power button is depressed. After that, simply screw the cartridge onto the 510-threaded attachment on the side of the pen.

What type of cartridges do I need to buy with the Cookie vape?

The best way to determine what cartridges are compatible with the Cookie pen is to check out their website. You’ll find a wide selection of prefilled 510 cartridges that are compatible with their batteries.

The price of a single cookie battery is around $20, which is not a lot for the quality that you’ll get out of it. You’ll also receive a handy USB charger, making it easier to keep your device charged up.

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