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There are several types of credit cards for people with bad credit. The best ones have low or no annual fees. They also offer a decent cash back reward system, usually around 2%. These credit cards poor credit are usually secured, which lowers the risk of the issuer and increases your chances of being approved.

How many credit cards should you have?

These cards often come with higher interest rates than standard cards, but many offer interest rate reductions. Some of these cards also offer rewards, including points, but you should check to see if you qualify. Some cards will only accept applicants with certain credit histories. If you are confident of your ability to make repayments, it is worth applying for a credit card for poor credit.

Before applying for a card for poor credit, try to raise your credit score. This can be done through a few methods, including getting caught up on existing accounts. Another option is checking with local credit unions if they can approve you. There are also a number of credit cards that do not require a credit check, but they will usually charge you more.

Credit cards for poor credit are also available that are designed to help people rebuild their credit history. For example, Capital One Platinum Secured offers graduates the opportunity to graduate with an unsecured card after making a few on-time payments. It also offers credit-building tools through the Capital One CreditWise Suite, which allows cardholders to monitor their credit report.

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