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Exxon Mobil Corporation, stylized by Exxon, is an American transnational oil and gas company headquartered in Irving, Texas. It is the second largest direct descendants of John D. Rockefeller III’s Standard Oil Company and was founded on November 30, 1969, by the combination of Exxon and Mobil Corporation. It has a wide variety of businesses involved in petroleum and gas exploration, production, refining, and marketing. A division known as XTO is its primary financial unit. Exxon Mobil Corporation also has many partnerships and joint ventures that give it opportunities to participate in the development of new oil fields around the world.

Exxon mobil gasoline is produced by their refineries situated in Texas. It was named after the first gasoline produced by Exxon, which was marketed under the name Exxon mobil gasoline. The company sold its stake in the Exxon-Mobile fleet of trucks and buses to raise funds for expanding the production. Its partnership with Citibank gave it a tie-up that involved buying Citibank’s stake in the Mercedes-Benz automobile brand in Europe. The tie-up enabled Exxon to acquire the Bank of America, one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the US, as well as the giant French banks SAC Capital and JP Morgan Chase.

In November 2021, the first commercial airline was launched by Exxon mobil, using its pipelines to produce the fuel for the jets it manufactures. The airline flew only Gulfstream and jets of the merged entity, named Continental Airlines. The first flight of the Continental Airlines took place on an experimental airline, named flight XP. This became a launch pad for the future of air travel fuel production.

The price per gallon of Exxon diesel gasoline and Exxon kerosene has been increasing since 2021. In July 2021, the company sold its 50% interest in the Russian joint venture benz Rubel, a joint venture between the two companies to raise funds for its own expansion projects. A year later, Exxon signed an agreement to sell its remaining shares in the Russian oil company Novatek. It has also signed agreements with Singapore, China, South Africa, and Italy on oil deals.

Another major corporation which got an investment from Exxon is Shell, the world’s largest oil producer. The shareholders of Exxon, the world’s largest publicly listed oil company, include the Chinese conglomerate, oil giant, and the Brazilian company, Petrobras. The reason why the Brazilian company decided to invest in this joint venture with Exxon is because the Chinese firm is looking to expand into the Middle East. Shell, on the other hand, already has its bases in the Gulf of Mexico and the United States.

Last but not least, Exxon mobil has signed a deal with the Chinese company CNPC. The goal of this transaction is to build a synthetic motor oil refinery in China. While no financial details have been disclosed, the Chinese company has said that the deal is worth $1 billion. This would be the biggest deal between a foreign company and a Chinese company so far. It would also mean a hundred years of partnership between the two companies.

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