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Andrew Tate is a multi-realworld.ai andrew tate entrepreneur who makes money by online marketing, managing social media accounts for clients, running casino businesses, selling merchandise, and investing in cryptocurrency. He is also a former 4x kickboxing world champion and has an impressive lifestyle with private jets, fast cars, and a large number of social media followers. His educational platform The Real World has 200,000 paying students and brings in almost $10 million per month. Other income streams include a merch business, management of OnlyFans, and a few popular nutritional products such as a testosterone booster and a nootropic.

Tate’s program is advertised as a way to help people break free from the matrix and acquire abundant wealth. It is described as a community where members can learn to make money through 18 modern wealth-creation options, and that there is no limit to the amount of income they can generate. The program is advertised as a way to “escape the matrix” and become a “digital nomad.”\

Is realworld.ai andrew tate real or scam?

The Real World (TRW) is a rebrand of Tate’s previous training called Hustlers University. Like the predecessor, TRW is based on a discord server but features a new design with a self-reliant infrastructure that prevents it from being canceled by any third-party services. It is also advertised as a safe space for members to discuss topics that would be taboo on mainstream discord servers.

The program is lead by a group of hand-picked professors with various amounts of wealth in their industries. They are presented as successful entrepreneurs who have made millions in their respective fields and share their knowledge with other aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to achieve financial freedom.

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