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A well designed fishing vest will keep all of your important items in place. They will also hold everything you need to bring along on a trip. Choosing the right fly fishing vest can be a serious investment. There are many different options to choose from. You can check them out online or offline.

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The orvis fishing vests is a solid choice for professional anglers. It features an ergonomic design and an advanced material that is abrasion resistant.

The Pro vest offers an adjustable sternum strap, an abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, and a padded collar. It also features an integrated waistbelt with a quick release buckle. This vest is perfect for all types of weather.

Another great option is the Orvis Ultralight Fly Fishing Vest. The vest features 11 pockets, a sliding clip, and a DWR finish. It also offers several breathable mesh vents and a modern design.

When it comes to storage, you should find a vest that offers the best size and number of pockets. If you have a large amount of gear, consider a combination vest with a backpack. These can be a bit more expensive, but they can be extremely handy for long day trips.

For kids, you might want to choose a fishpond vest. It has ample space for all of your gear and can be easily adjusted for growth.

If you like to do all of your fishing from a boat, you can also look into the Orvis Clearwater Vest. With its breathable mesh body and hybrid construction, this vest offers a lighter weight and more comfortable fit.

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