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Buying links from low-quality pbn sites is an unethical way to build backlinks. This practice is also a violation of Google’s policy on link building and can lead to penalties for your site.

How do I know if a website is PBN?

If you’re not careful, your site could be involved in a private blog network without your knowledge. This can happen when you purchase links from services like Fiverr or through third-party link builders, which will likely put your site in jeopardy.

How To Create A PBN

You need domains to start a PBN, plus hosting costs and content. Domains can cost from $80 to $500 per site, though really strong ones are much more expensive.

When creating your domains, make sure each site has a unique IP address and subnet. It is also a good idea to use different registrars and name servers for each site so that you don’t end up with a shared IP address across all of them.

Then, add a minimum of 3 articles for each site (at least 500 words). They should be high-quality SEO content written by native English speakers.

Keep your content updated regularly to ensure that Google recognizes it as a legitimate website and not an automated copy of your money site. At the very least, add a new article every 5 months.

When choosing domains for your pbn, be sure to look for expired domains that have a strong and existing authority due to links from the previous owner. It is also important to check the referring domains report in Ahrefs’ site explorer.


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