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Regina Tamburro regina photographer in weddings and portraits. She has a true passion for photography, and she takes pride in creating authentic and timeless images. She has a great ability to make her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in beautiful and natural photos. Her work has been featured in many wedding magazines and blogs. She has also won several awards for her photography.

Regina’s photographic book, “Even in this”, presents a group of people who are at a particular point in their life. It is a family photo album in the sense that it is a record of an extended group of individuals. The family includes a couple, a couple who are expecting a baby and their parents. Individuals and groups are documented both singularly and in groupings, in a combination of formal poses and candid shots.

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The photographs have a classical look that may produce either pleasure or suspicion in the viewer, depending on preconceived notions of what they should represent. Her choice of using black and white to photograph the individuals shows her respect for a long-standing tradition in photography that renders light through tone rather than prismatic color.

The project is about healing, and Gerbeza hopes that she will help people learn to love themselves through the process of working with her. She wants to break down the stigmas about mental health issues, depression and anxiety. She’s currently working with a transgender person who wants to explore their gender identity, and she’s also helping a man with cystic fibrosis to examine his relationship with his body.

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