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Tap portugal customer service

If you’ve ever had to deal with TAP Portugal, you know the airline is unreliable and chintzy. It has a Web site that offers many extra fees and up-charges before you buy your ticket, making it difficult to compare the prices of different airlines. It also doesn’t provide refunds for canceled flights, as European regulators have said it isn’t allowed.

In July 2020, Tap portugal customer service had a coronavirus outbreak that put a severe strain on its finances. The company had to cancel hundreds of flights, impacting 50,000 customers and costing it millions of dollars. It is currently operating 360 fewer flights than it had planned due to the strike.

TAP Portugal Customer Service: How to Get Assistance for Your Travel Needs

The Commission has notified a restructuring aid to TAP, which will compensate the Portuguese airline for the losses it suffered as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and its related travel restrictions, and help to bring it back on the path of long-term viability without undue impact on competition or trade. The restructuring plan includes a split of TAP SGPS’s businesses into TAP SGPS and TAP Air Portugal, as well as a perimeter of non-core assets that will be divested in the course of the restructuring.

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