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The yellow hats symbolizes brightness and optimism. Participants under this hat explore the positive aspects of a situation, probe for value and benefit in suboptimal situations and identify potential solutions to these problems.

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The idea behind yellow hat contributions is to take a suboptimal situation and provide well-reasoned, solidly grounded suggestions for improvement. This is a much more optimistic approach to problem solving than black hat thinking.

It is important that yellow hat contributions are balanced, and don’t get carried away by their enthusiasm. There are some things that belong under the green hat (creativity) and the red hat (positive emotions) but others can go under the blue hat (process) or the white hat (facts).

Red Hat: Emotions, feelings, moods

The Red Hat is a softer hat, symbolizing feelings and emotion. It is a space for the discussion of what the participants feel about the topic, and how their own feelings might be affecting their participation in the conversation.

This hat can be very tricky to police, especially as the borders with the green and red hats can be fuzzy. However, as long as the participants don’t argue with each other in this hat slot immediately or use it as a means to vent their negative emotions, you should be fine.

Yellow Hat: Rationality and positivity

The Yellow Hat is the most positive hat, and it is used to discuss the merits of an idea or plan. This includes the positive benefits and repercussions, the people who would profit from it, the logic of arguments that support it, and the logical justification of a proposed course of action.

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